Saturday, February 27, 2010


Oh girls!! So sorry...I'm finally catching up with my life...Alright so where are we? As you know God is always up to amazing things!! First a little in house biz...Our Tuesday morning group is now meeting on Monday mornings!! This happened because of my NEW job, which I'm loving and is a complete fit for me...God has definitely worked out the details!! Our girls were able to switch our day without a problem and so we are officially moved to Monday mornings same time same Bat channel...9:00am-10:30am! I will fill out the calendar this weekend I promise!! I will also write more this weekend about where God is taking this group. It's EXCITING stuff! He just never stops blowing my mind!!!
Love you so much,
BTW: if you are reading this and not apart of our group yet...we would love to have you!! Join any time! We meet at Sarah's house for the morning group and my house for the Tuesday evening group!! Join the email or shoot us a comment and we will contact you asap...