Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank God it's Tuesday!

The day started out like any other day. It wasn't light yet when the alarm went off, but even without the incessant beeping there was no going back to sleep. The small one was already up and begging for a cup of milk. How is she so chipper first thing in the morning!?!

I gulped coffee and tried to see through the haze of sleep - remembering all at once that it was Tuesday! The day my beloved friends come over to pray, laugh, cry and of course drink lovely tea and simply be with one another.

Oh - by the way...this is Sarah. I apologize to all that it has been so long since I came on here. I do keep up with reading it. I have little as far as an excuse - first children were sick for a long long time and then I am embarrassed to admit...but I forgot the password and had to beg Brandi for it.

But I am here! We had a lovely REACH meeting this morning. We felt God was leading us away from discussing the book for the week and we were able to just sit and talk about our struggles as moms and minister to one another that way. It is amazing the peace that can come from knowing we are not alone in all this; from knowing that none of us can do this without God's help and to simply pray for one another. Of course, perhaps we were not so off topic as we thought. We have been learning about our assignment, our shape - what God has created us to be and do. How amazing that we have the chance to be God's tools in helping to hone our own kids to fulfill his purpose. I feel so very blessed that I get to watch while God creates in my children the passion and desire and the specific and VERY individual personality traits they will need for their own ministry someday. It truly takes my breath away.

Thank you God, for the work you are doing in me as an individual, as a child of God and as a parent to fulfill the purpose you created me for. I pray that you will continue to do your work in me and in my kids. Thank you so much that I get to be a participant in helping to shape these amazing gifts you gave me. I pray for my sisters, that you will bless tonight's meeting and continue to work in the women there. Thank you for Brandi and all she has done to further this ministry. We love you! In all things - Amen