Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 5th meetings

Hey girls...we had great meetings this past the morning group we talked about chapter 23 "How we Grow" from The Purpose Driven Life book...mostly sharing with each other what we are doing in our lives to grow spiritually...what a great conversation girls and one I really needed to be a part of...we also talked about making a fresh commitment to read our book...we talked about this in the evening group as well...we confessed to each other that we really have not been giving it the priority it needs to have as a foundation to grow in this group... and helping us to get focused on the things that God is wanting us to learn to help shape this group into what He wants it to be...we had a great conversation in the evening group about this and I really believe God was in the middle of it...sooo yes I had to confess and make a fresh commitment my self...we also talked about keeping some type of journal/record of what we are learning individually as we read so we can discuss those things on the days and nights we meet...we are going through chapters 25,26,27,28 to discuss at our next meeting on Jan. 19 I'm really looking forward to hearing how God is speaking to you through this book and I'm praying for you guys...