Friday, October 23, 2009

Our first week - Reach is just a baby!

I hope many of you were able to come to our first meetings this week! I made it Tuesday morning and it was so nice to just sit and relax with other moms. Brandi had some very good questions for us to think and talk on. Funny how sometimes all it takes to think deep about ourselves is a simple question. We talked about our passions, what we are good at and on the flip side, issues God is working on within us. I like to refer to them as God and mine arguments - I haven't won one yet, you would think I would learn?

We are starting the book "The Purpose Driven Life" For this week read the intro (just how the book works) and the first day. Tuesday of next week we will talk about working the reading into our daily schedules and keeping one another accountable. If accountability is not for you, you have found the wrong group! Or perhaps it means you need to take a good long look at yourself.

I know it is far too easy to be to busy, or even forget to take a moment for ourselves and for God. So to make things easier on you (because you know, we live to serve!) we have given you a wonderful excuse! Now you can tell the kids, a husband or perhaps yourself that you HAVE to take 10 minutes today to pamper yourself. Sit on a comfy couch and read and relax for a moment. We as woman have a tendency to take care of everyone else first and let ourselves fall on the way-side. Don't fall into that trap, take some time to focus on yourself and what God has for you. Then come on Tuesday and tell us all about it!

I really feel this first few weeks are all about building our core. We are more then just a group of ladies that like to hang out every so often. We are a team of strong individuals here to lift one another up; in prayer, laughter, emotionally and perhaps even a time will come when we will have to physically be there to keep someone from falling. Isn't that amazing? It feels like such a gift, to know there are others right here that I can be present for in their time of need. And even more amazing to know that the moment I need one of you, you will be there to pray for me and help me through even the toughest of times. Of this I have no doubt. This core is what God is building on to further serve, to further reach those around us.

I had such a blast Tuesday morning - but I haven't heard yet how Tuesday night went. So do tell!! What did you guys talk about? What was learned? What was laughed? I would love to hear. Also, how is the reading going so far this week? Have you taken those moments to be with God, to let him reach you? What gets in your way? How can you come up with ways around those obstacles?

Until Tuesday my friends, be well!